The game is a puzzle-platformer based around its core mechanic. There are two characters ('Red' and 'Blue') which are controlled by the same controls (arrow keys). However, only red collides with red tiles, and only blue collides with blue tiles. The aim is to get both characters to their respective endzones.

This is my second game (having started game development as a hobby earlier this year), and I welcome all feedback on the game.

Release date Dec 24, 2015
Made withConstruct
TagsLevel Editor, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I can't seem to get past the diamond blocks. It looks like they should be triggered by the other colored number or something, but they don't seem to do anything when I step on them. Is there an interaction key?

I love the art for the characters though!

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The diamond blocks in the levels are be triggered by pressure pads, but the diamond blocks in the level select menu are removed according to the level you have reached.

I hope that's been helpful. Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, thank you! I feel so dumb, I managed to actually get into level 1 right after I posted that.